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The AquaReef application gives users aquarium lighting using mobile devices remotely. Uygulama özellikleri: 68 Energy-efficient LEDs - Nine-channel control of color and intensity - Output optimized for PAR and appearance , - Full spectrum + UV (2 Channel) - 90 Degree 34 in 1 TIR Lens - 100cm x 70cm Coverage Area - Modular LED cluster, control cards, lens and driver assemblies - Real-time clock - Multiple light period programmable - Weather Effects .Cloud , Thunder etc. - Individual and Multiple Devices Wifi Control without any connection devices (AquaLink) , Only Local Wifi Modem or AP enough. Simple and Easy Connection Wizard In order to use this application you need to have AquaReef lighting devices. More information can be found: AquaReef is Turkey's first aquarium lighting brand. For your comments and suggestions, please email us. We'd like to hear your opinions and suggetions: [email protected]